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Windows - The Key to Energy Efficiency

How heat can be lost or gained through windows:
In summer, heat can enter your home via direct sun, or can be conducted from the hot air outside.
In winter, heat can be lost by conduction through the window to the cold outside air. Insist on
Energy Rated Windows.
It's easy to be sure…and have peace-of-mind. Look for this silver label within the windows, which has been "Energy Rated" by the Australasian Window Council to comply with the Window Energy Rating Scheme.

Double Glazed Insulating Glass Unit

Save energy by reducing heat flow through windows. Ordinary windows do not insulate well, allowing inside warmth to escape to the outside. You don't realise just how much of your home's heat goes straight out through the window, because you don't see it happening.
For even better performance low emissivity (Low-E) glass can be incorporated into IGU's. An invisible, thin metallic coating, is factory applied to the glass before the IGU is manufactured. The coating is located on the air space surface of the outer or inner glass.

With your energy rated windows you will receive a certificate verifying their rating, as proof of your windows' energy efficiency. For more information on how energy-efficient windows can help make yours a 4-star or better home, talk to your builder, designer or window supplier.

Country Style Windows have over 40 years experience of manufacturing specialist windows. Specialising in Architectural Joinery using a range of different timbers.



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