About Our Windows


Chain winders

Standard chain winders are available keyed or unkeyed

Truth winders

‘Truth’ winders are available keyed and unkeyed           

Traditional/bespoke hardware

Whether it be reproduction fittings or something a bit more contemporary, we can source hardware to suit your individual requirements.

Awning windows

Awning windows are a functional, economical and energy efficient window design. They are top hung and open out at the bottom. This design allows the windows to be left open in inclement weather, protecting against the elements while still allowing natural ventilation.



Casement windows

Casement windows are fixed along a single vertical side allowing them to open outwards. Casement windows are great for ventilation and double glazed options provide an added layer of insulation while reducing outside noise.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows are popular in today’s modern builds.  With sashes sliding horizontally, the sliding window is a versatile, functional window style. Whether in the open or closed position, sliding windows do not encroach on your living space or outdoor areas. They are fantastic for ventilation and can be used as a servery window when fitted with a sliding flyscreen.

Double hung windows

Add some flair to your design by choosing our custom double hung Windows. With two operable sashes sliding vertically within the frame to create natural airflow by allowing the cool air in at the bottom and letting the hot air out at the top. By using a range of different  hardware types we are able to successfully double glaze our double hung windows.  

There is also an option to have a sashless double hung system fitted into our beautiful timber frames. These are also available in single and double glazed.

Fixed windows

Fixed windows are non-operable windows that can serve as a feature point in any house. Large fixed windows, or picture windows, can give a sense of bringing the outside world in. As well as being a good source of natural light, double glazed fixed windows can provide added insulation and comfort to any home. Combine a fixed window with other operational windows to create a piece that is unique and adds elegance to your home design.


Bi-fold windows

Outward opening bi-fold windows are a great alternative to  other conventional window styles. The sashes stack outwards to create a large open space, bringing the outdoors in. They  are  very popular as servery windows and can be fitted with roll-down flyscreens to keep those pesky insects at bay. Our custom bi-folds are designed to order which makes them a great option for designing a unique look for your home.

Louvre windows

Louvre windows have horizontal adjustable glass blades. When fully open they are fantastic for ventilation, or change the degree of the opening if you want a little less fresh air. They can also be used with obscure glass in wet areas where you can still open the louvres for natural ventilation, whilst maintaining privacy.



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